AMEC: AMEC is a world class importer of Sprockets, Sheaves, Taper Bushings, QD Bushings, Roller Chain, Plastic Chain & Sprockets, Gear & Gear Racking, Couplings, Timing Pulleys, and Shaft Collars.
(909) 923-5118

Dynatect: “Gortite” Bellows, Metal Telescopic Covers, Roll Up Covers and Doors Way Wipers, Cover Repair, ATD Door Opener. “Gortrac” Cable &  Hose Carriers. “Poly Clutch” Miniature slip clutches. “Ro-Lab” Molded and extruded Rubber and molded Polyurethane products.  “LSI” Manufacture and Repairs lead screws, ball Screws and ACME screws. Manufacturing precision ground and commercial grade ball screws offering special threading in both English and Metric.
Made in the USA
(262) 786-1500

Force Control: Oil Shear wet Clutches and Brakes with electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuation. Posidyne C-Face and foot mounted clutch brakes rated 1 hp to 500 hp, Posistop foot mounted brakes 10 Ft. Lbs. to 200,000 Ft. Lbs., MagnaShear electric motor brakes 56 to 440 frame, up to 1250 Ft. Lbs., and tension/dynamometer load brakes up to 177,000 Ft. Lbs.
Made in the USA
(800) 869-3244

Hitachi: AC – VFD motor drives. Ranging from micro drives to high horse power.
(914) 524-6625

KML: KML Bearing is a Premium Bearing Manufacture of Mounted, Wash-Down, Ball, Taper Roller, Roller, Agricultural and specialty bearings.
(877) 495-6134

KWS: KWS is a leading manufacture in manufactures Bulk Handling Equipments. Manufacturing Screw Conveyors, Shaftless Screw, Conveyors, Bucket Elevators, Screw Feeders, Drag Conveyors, Belt Conveyors
CEMA rated parts
Made in the USA.
(800) 543-6558

Mitsuboshi: Mitsuboshi Belting company / MBL is a top tier belting company specializing in industrial and power transmission belts in A, B, C, D, E,3V,5V, 8V, timing belts timing pulleys, and iron.

Ralphs Pugh: Conveyor Roller & Component.  Specializing in rollers 3-1/2” and smaller. Urethane coated, grooved, sprocket rollers and much more.
Made in the USA
(800) 486-0021

Rossi: Gear reducers. Helical and Bevel Helical gear reducers, Planetary Gear reducers and Gearmotors, Wormgear Reducers and Gearmotors, Coaxial Gear Reducers and Gearmotors, Combined Gear Units.
(800) 931-2044

Slideways: Slideways manufactures engineered extruded and, machined plastics. Movex Industrial Innovations division manufactures conveyor components table top Chain and sprockets, return rollers, bearings, etc.
(508) 854-0799

THK: THK is a high-tech manufacture of linear motion slides, actuators, ground and formed ball screws and rotation bearing and products.
(949) 955-3145

Welker Engineered Products: Welker Engineered Products is an engineering company that manufactures products that locate, slide, clamp, eject, lift, lockout, position, dimple, ground bearings, friction, rollers, switches, etc. Welker services diverse industries ranging from robotics, packaging, filling, agriculture, mining, assembly line production, etc.

(800) 229-0890